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Drug Sale and Possession - Overview
Drug Possession
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Drug Sales and Possession - Overview

Drug crimes in Florida can be very serious offenses. If you or loved one have been arrested for either drug possession or sale in Central Florida, Orlando criminal defense attorney Will Corzo or Sam Kohrs, can help you. Our criminal defense firm represents clients charged with both Federal and State Drug Crimes. More often than not, the people who contact us about a drug case do not understand that their rights may have been violated and they may have their case dismissed. If you have been arrested in Orlando or Kissimmee it may be in your best interest to consult with Orlando criminal defense attorney Will Corzo or Sam Kohrs.

If you have been arrested in Orlando or Kissimmee
DO NOT plead guilty and call our office to assist you in this matter.

Your Drug Sale or Possession Case

When defending your drug case OUR GOAL is simple: TO GET YOUR CASE DISMISSED. We will first examine all the facts in your case with that goal in mind. Orlando criminal defense attorney Will Corzo and defense attorney Sam Kohrs have significant experience in defending drug crimes. When we accept a drug case, we focus on beating the charge, not simply negotiating “the best deal possible”. A Drug possession or sale conviction can severely affect your life, so aggressively defending it is crucial. The decisions you make regarding your case can have long lasting impacts on your daily and future life.
When we evaluate your case the first thing we will examine is the State’s case to determine the lawfulness of your stop and arrest, the existence of all evidence that may be favorable to your case and evaluate your case for possible defenses and legal arguments that may result in the charges and penalties being reduced or dismissed. For first time offenders arrested in Orlando or Kissimmee we evaluate and review your case to determine if you may be eligible for a pre-trial diversion program. Depending on the facts of your case and your prior record, you may qualify for this program. If you successfully complete pre-trial diversion the State Attorney will DROP YOUR CHARGES and the case will be dismissed.

Consult With an Experienced Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are convicted of a Drug Crime in Florida you subject yourself to the following: a permanent criminal record, loss of professional or occupational license, suspension of driver’s license, community service, possible jail or prison time, fines and possible job loss.
The facts of every Drug Sale or Drug Possession case is different and often complex that is why it is important that you obtain representation from an Orlando criminal defense attorney experienced in defending, not prosecuting these types of crimes.
If you have been arrested and charged with Drug Sale or Possession or any other criminal offense contact Orlando criminal defense attorney Will Corzo or Sam Kohrs.

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An arrest can happen at any time and sometimes when you least expect it. Should the situation arise, contact Orlando Criminal Lawyer Will Corzo or Sam Kohrs to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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