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Burglary - Overview

Burglary - Overview

Burglary - Penalties

Burglary - Laws

In Florida, burglary is one of the more serious criminal offenses you can be charged with. If you have found yourself charged with burglary you need immediate protection. Burglary crimes can result in serious punishment and can be enhanced for several reasons. Penalties range from up to 5 years of state supervised probation or 5 years state prison to LIFE IMPRISONMENT.

Florida Statutes Chapter 810 “Burglary and Trespass” sets forth the laws governing the criminal offense of burglary, including definitions and penalties.
Professional and Competent Criminal Defense
Being accused of a burglary crime can be embarrassing and harmful to your reputation.  Burglary is a theft crime and considered a crime of ‘dishonesty.’ Future employers and others investigating your past will frown upon you if you have been convicted of such a crime.
Understanding these concerns, your Orlando burglary attorney at Corzo and Kohrs will always try to resolve your case without damaging your record. 
Trial Experience Counts
The lowest level of burglary is a third degree felony, which carries a maximum punishment of 5 years state supervised probation or 5 years of prison! Knowing this, each Orlando criminal defense attorney at Corzo and Kohrs is prepared to handle your burglary case all the way through trial. 
When we accept a burglary case, we focus on beating the charge, not simply negotiating “the best deal possible.” As with all other cases we thoroughly examine your case looking for all evidence that may be favorable to your case and evaluate your case for possible defenses that may result in the charges being dismissed or the penalty reduced.
Consult With An Experienced Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer

A burglary charge is very serious and under certain circumstances carries a penalty of LIFE IMPRISONMENT. Because of the serious nature of this charge and other complexities in handling these types of cases it is vitally important that you obtain representation from an Orlando criminal defense lawyer experienced in defending, not prosecuting these types of crimes.

If you have been arrested and charged with burglary or any other theft related offense contact the Orlando criminal defense law firm of Corzo & Kohrs. Call toll free 877-99CK-LAW for a free consultation and explanation of your rights.

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